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Morning shake, inspired by the most complete longevity protocol

Bryan Johnson, the world's most measured human, has spent millions of dollars to maximize his longevity.

He made this shake to positively influence biological markers, from energy levels to metabolism to cellular regeneration.

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Formulated to combat the root causes of aging with only 6 ingredients

The ingredients in Green Zero Formula have been around forever. Recently, scientists discovered some of their longevity powers. So, we've combined them for you.

  • 570mg

    modulate the gut microbiome, regulate immune responses, and reduce inflammation, especially in metabolic diseases. They are clinically proven to promote long-term heart health.

  • 3.3mg

    harness the rejuvenating benefits of spermidine. Combined with chlorella, a powerful detoxifier, this blend is designed to cleanse and renew.

  • 1,000mg

    algae known for its high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It aids in detoxification and supports immune function.

  • 6g

    helps skin maintain its elasticity and strength, helps replace dead skin cells, and plays a role in joint, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles

  • 800+mg

    a touch of Ceylon Cinnamon for its anti-inflammatory benefits and a hint of natural sweetness.

  • 800+mg

    boosts athletic performance and cognitive functioning. It enhances muscle strength and power and fuels neurons, meeting the brain's energy needs. This results in improved memory and attention span.

The science behind Green Zero

Our ingredients are supported by gold-standard clinical trials backing their efficacy and safety.

Induction of autophagy by spermidine promotes longevity

Spermidine has been studied for its role in regulating autophagy , a cellular waste disposal mechanism that plays a crucial role in longevity.

By contributing to better autophagy functioning, spermidine can influence the expression of several genes associated with aging.

Spermidine, a natural polyamine found to decline with age, has emerged as a significant factor in promoting longevity.

Study here

Higher spermidine intake is linked to lower mortality

It involved 829 participants aged 45–84 years and used repeated, dietitian-administered food-frequency questionnaires over a period from 1995 to 2015.

The results showed that all-cause mortality decreased with increasing spermidine intake. For instance, mortality rates per 1000 person-years were lower in groups with higher spermidine intake, corresponding to a reduced cumulative mortality incidence over 20 years.

The study concluded that a diet rich in spermidine is linked to increased survival, with the mortality risk reduction between the highest and lowest spermidine intake groups comparable to being younger by approximately 5.7 years.

Study here.

Impact of Cocoa Flavanols in reversing age-related cognitive deficits

Epidemiological studies indicate a relation between flavonoid intake and the prevention of dementia.

In confirmation of this relation, several pharmacological studies show the faster speed of responding and better executive performance in flavanol-treated aged or young subjects.

The lack of any effect appears in some studies, especially in young subjects, due to the use of groups with high educational levels and the possibility of a ceiling effect.

In several studies, neuropsychological ameliorations were followed by increases in cerebral blood flow.

These results are in line with those of animal experimentation since improvements have been found in motor and spatial performances of young and aging mice or rats as well as animal models of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Improvements are also reported in biologic markers of Alzheimer's disease, in particular an increase in soluble Aβ and a decrease in tau hyperphosphorylation.

Study here.

Creatine supplementation ability to increase brain creatine content

Preliminary studies indicate that creatine supplementation has the ability to increase brain creatine content in humans.

Furthermore, creatine has shown some promise for attenuating symptoms of concussion, mild traumatic brain injury and depression but its effect on neurodegenerative diseases appears to be lacking.

Study here.

Collagen Peptides are effective in wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and skin aging reversal

The main component of the skin is collagen, and there are 85–90% collagen type I and 10–15% collagen type III.

Collagen fibers that are damaged over time are strongly related to skin aging.

Skin aging is caused by decreased collagen density and dermal thickness, as well as decreased synthesis and replacement of important structural proteins.

Collagen supplements originating from various sources such as marine, bovine, and porcine can improve skin integrity and modulate skin aging.

Study here.

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